Current Lead Time is Approximately 8 - 12 Weeks

Our Company Standard

Our Company Standard

At Keck's Kustoms Furniture, we take great pride in each and every unique piece of solid furniture we sell. Our furniture is handcrafted and finished with professional grade products. Built using solid wood handpicked by the owner and leaves a beautiful reclaimed look.

Given the handmade and hand-finished nature of the products we craft, variations and imperfections in the wood should be expected and celebrated! Just as every tree is unique, so too is every piece of furniture that is handcrafted and hand finished just for you.

Please read through our company standards below before placing an order with us.

NOTE: By placing an order with us, you are agreeing that you understand and agree with the conditions of these cosmetic standards


Every piece of furniture will have a unique grain pattern and slight color variation as a result of the grain pattern. We cannot guarantee exact stain matches to other tables we've done in the past. Wood does have a mind of it's own and every piece of wood accepts stain differently. We cannot control it. We will use the correct stain or paint color that you requested for your order, but there is a strong chance the color will vary slightly from the table or picture you were thinking of when you placed the order. This is normal. We cannot rework the finishing on your table to get a perfect match. 


If there is a stain that is not featured on our website, you may send us an email with the stain color you would prefer. Please only select stains from the Minwax, Varathane or Sherwin Williams custom stain line. Please provide the product name or can label. Keep in mind, that each peace of wood is different and can cause the stain to darken or lighten depending on its grain. We cannot control this.  


Please note that if you are ordering 'rough sawn' that there will possibly be small waves in your table. If you are looking for a perfectly smooth/flat top, you will want to go with the "smooth oak" option vs the 'circle sawn' option. Also, with ordering circle sawn oak, there may be spots we needed to sand through to eliminate large waves in your table, meaning that we cannot guarantee every single spot on the table will be filled with circle saw marks. Circle saw marks give it character, and there are unique challenges with working with it. Please be aware of this.


Other characteristics of handcrafted, solid wood furniture include open knots, visible brush strokes, micro-imperfections and textural variations in the durable, hand brushed finishes, unique distress marks, exposed screws, wood filler marks, joint lines, and distinctive nicks, splits, cracks, and other imperfections. We allow up to approximately 1" of variation across all measurements due to the custom nature of the handcrafted furniture we build.

Those who do not appreciate variations and imperfections should not purchase handcrafted furniture. 

Solid wood may expand and contract due to changes in temperature and humidity. This means that the gaps between the boards of a traditional table top may get wider over time and will need to be cleaned. This natural movement enhances the one of a kind beauty of solid wood, handcrafted furniture. It does not affect structural integrity and is not considered defective. 

You will still see the beautiful and natural open knots on jointed table tops. We do not offer machine manufactured perfection - no two pieces are exactly alike since Keck's Kustoms Furniture is crafted to your order specifications.

We celebrate the true uniqueness of every piece of solid wood furniture that is built and finished by hand in our wood shop. It is our hope that you will as well.

Breadboard Ends -

A breadboard end is a functional decoration that gives a pretty look white it does an important job.  The appearance of movement with the breadboard end is not a defect.  It's actually a sign that your table is made well and that the wood is moving as natural wood does and the breadboard end is helping stabilize it.  This means that you may see slight variations of the breadboard appearing larger or smaller than the middle panel boards.  This is completely normal.

Prior to Purchase

Once we create your order, you are responsible for reviewing your details prior to purchase. Once the order is purchased, we refer directly back to the order form to create your order, and we will not be held responsible for changes made after your order, if not communicated.

It is the buyers responsibility to review their order and make any necessary changes. Changes after the order has been started or completed are subject to time delays and fees.

Cancellations of hardwood orders can be made up until 4 weeks after order date. Otherwise your wood has been milled and started.

By purchasing your order, you agree to these terms.


With your order you were given a lead time. With over 25+ orders in our queue at any given time, lead times are PURELY ESTIMATES. We have been known to get orders complete and to customers before the estimated lead time given and there have also been issues that have happened in production that delayed orders beyond lead times. The lead time that we have given you is our best guess at when your will get your table. It's better to get it a few weeks later than quoted and it be up to quality standards since you plan to have it for years to come, than it is to get it on time and it fail quality standards. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. Please know this if you're placing an order with us in hopes of getting it by a special occasion such as a party, birthday, holiday, etc... We will always do our best to accomodate, but we cannot guarantee anything in terms of delivery date. Please understand this before placing an order with us.