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This elegant base is a statement piece for your dining space.  This table has so many details from the base to the router profile on the table top.  If you're looking for a one of a kind table for your dining space, this is the one.

72" Round, Solid maple with custom willow bend stain.


Each top is handcrafted and perfectly grained. We finish each top with 3 coats of lacquer to guarantee smoothness.

Available in a variety of stains and paint shades.

Available in clean or distressed finishes.

Available in Red Oak, Hardwood Ash, Hard Maple, White Oak and Walnut. Here are some things to think about when choosing your table top.


- Hardwoods (Walnut, Maple or Oak): These woods are timeless. Furniture made from these are incredibly unique and will be passed down through the generations. These tables tops are made with the thought in mind that life is pretty messy, and we deserve a top that won't dent in the process. The draw back is the more costly price up front.


Available in 1 ft measurements. (5ft - 10ft)

If you're looking for seating requirements, here's a great rule of thumb.


- 5-6 ft table: seats up to 6 comfortably.

-7-8 ft table: seats up to 8 comfortably.

-9-10 ft table: seats up to 10 comfortably.